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Asking Questions Effectively in Negotiations

Asking questions has two purposes: getting information and building trust.


In both cases, it is essential to be diplomatic. Therefore, ask open and Indlrect question.

Open questlons: An open question is created by using a question word like how, when, why, which, who, etc. A closed question, on the other hand, gives you a yes/no or I don't know answer. Open questions will give you much more information than closed questions. They will also help you get out of an impasse or stalemate. In an argument, each side will try to protect its interests. By using open questions, you show the other party you are interested in their concerns. And you can get some very helpful information, too!

Indlrect questlons: An indirect question in English is polite and, therefore, helps build trust. The indirect question reflects respect and politeness, e.g. How did you arrive at that figure? as compared to Can you tell me how you arrived at that figure? lf you want to buitd trust and get more information, ask open, indirect questions.

Here are some examples of open and indirect questions:


Why is that so important to you?

Where does your information come from?

Do you have key managers in your company?

What can you offer us?


Can you give me an idea of your... ?

Could you tell me ... ?

How do you think we can achieve this goal?

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