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English for marketing - Brands

How many expressions with brand do you know?

brand awareness - brand equity - brand extension - brand identity - brand image - brand loyalty - brand name - branding - delivered brand - off brand

Match with the definitions:

  1. What a brand is called

  2. How much people are aware of the brand

  3. What a company wants people to think about a brand

  4. What people actually think about a brand

  5. When a product doesn´t fit a company´s brand

  6. The value a company adds to a product or service

  7. When poepll like a brand and buy it again and again

  8. When a product or service is associated with a brand

  9. When an existing brand is used to support a new range of products

  10. When a component of a product becomes a brand in its own right (e.g. Intel in PCs)

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