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Request for information in emails

A routine request, such as request for information, is one of the most common kinds of writing in emails.


This post is about guidelines for effective request for information and the language of requests.


1) State your main idea in the first or second sentence.

2) Use polite, not flowery language

3) Be specific. State exactly what you want

4) Close with a friendly tone in your last paragraph


Here are some ways that routine requests begin:

I am writing in response / regard to...

I am writing to request...

I am interested in finding out...

I would appreciate...

I recently read an article regarding...and I would like to know...

Here are some sentences to state a request:

I would aprreciate receiving...

I would appreciate it if you could /would...

Could you send / give more information about...

Here are some sentences to close the request:

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you

Thank you for sending us this informmation


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Este curso é específico para quem precisa escrever emails mais práticos e eficazes.

Programa do curso:

1) Greeting / closing format of letters and email

2) Punctuiation / capitalization

3) Subject heading

4) Requests

5) Complaints

6) Inquiries

7) Tone and language choice

8) Job search writing : resumés, cover and follow up letters

9) Expressing opinions / agreeing and disagreeing

O curso é dando todo online com professor ao vivo podendo ser individual ou grupo de até 4 pessoas. Valor para aula individual veja aqui. Para grupo entre em contato pelo formulário.

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