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Negotiating in English - Useful Phrases


HIT refers, in negotiation terms, to H - HAVE TO HAVE, I - INTEND, T - TRADABLE.

A HAVE TO HAVE is an essential aspect or outcome for one of the parties in the negotiation. Generally, there are only one or two in each negotiation. However, they are a must! You must achieve these items in order for your negotiation to be successful.

INTEND refers to something that is less essential, but still important in the negotiation. You might be prepared to be flexible with respect to these items. You only have a few of them, i.e. perhaps two to five.

A TRADABLE item is something you put in your proposal which you believe your partner would like to have. You are prepared to exchange this item for something which you would like to obtain.

Before you begin the negotiations with your partner, it is very important to determine these issues and decide which category they belong to form your point of view. These issues should be clear to all members of your negotiating team.



We must..

Our main concern is...

It is crucial that...

I refuse to accept...


Our intention is...

I would like to...

We might like to...


I am willing to accpet...If...

I think we will have to agree to...

It would be an alternative to...

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