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Giving a customer a quotation

When giving a customer a quotation it is necessary to include details on a number of things e.g. prices, discounts, and delivery terms.


Here are some usefuI phrases for quotations:


Please find aftached our quotation for ...

We are pleased to quote as follows.

We can quote you a gross/net price of ...

The prices quoted obove include ...

We can offer you a price of .,. per ...


We can offer you 10% off the retail price.

We allow a 20 % cash discount for payment within 30 days.

Our prices are subject to a 25% trade discount off net price.

We grant a trade/quantity/cash discount of ... % on our list prices,

lf your order exceeds 2,ooo items, we can offer you a further 10% discount.


Delivery can be effected immediately after recelpt of order.

As requested, we will deliver on pallets to ...

We would be able to deliver within 10 days of receipt of order.


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