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Business English - Talk About Job Responsibilities

Atualizado: 26 de mai. de 2020

It is very important to know how to talk about your profession and your job responsibilities.

Check sentences , verbs and expressions for an accurate description of you job.


Remember this when you talk about job responsibilities:

You work for or at a company. ex: I work for Renault.

You work in an area or a department. ex: I work in sales.

You are responsible for something. ex: I am responsible for marketing.

You are in charge of something. ex: I am in charge of accounting.


What do you do?

What does your job involve?

What´s your line of work?

Describing Jobs:

I work for a major shipping company.

I work in the regional depot.

Describing responsibilities:

In my job I have to...

My job involves...

I´m responsible for...

I prepare..

I train...

I manage...

I sell...

And what about you? What do you do? What does your job involve?

Write on the comments below!

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